A Real Quick Preview Just Before The Tip

Argh.  Work is totally getting in the way of this blog.  I hate it when I can’t sneak off and throw up a post at work.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about two things the Suns need to do tonight, adjustment-wise, to get this shit going and not go down 2-0 (which is to say “series over” more than likely).  Here’s what I think:

The Suns need to be more aggressive.  Straight-up, across the board, but especially STAT.  Go at ‘em and see what happens.  If they’re gonna be calling a lot of offensive fouls, you back off.  But do everything you can to get the starters in foul trouble.  Because we know the Blazers don’t go real deep these days.  In the same vein, I’ve read it 50,000 times, so I’m just gonna reiterate real quick: they need to get the ball to STAT on the move and away from Camby.  He’s the kind of defender that STAT cannot play against straight up.  Get clever, Suns.

Also, Alvin needs to be prepared to actually do some coaching.  This is it, coach.  You need to be ready to think on the fly and make moves.  You need to ride the hot hand.  You need to, as much as I hate to say it, get Nash out of the game if he’s getting crushed on defense and you don’t have any help behind him.  Maybe if you’ve got Amundson back there for the help, it’s alright.  But if everybody’s expected to play one-on-one defense, and Nate’s playing ‘Dre and Bayless together, Nash can’t stop either one of ‘em.  Put Hill or Richardson on ‘Dre and Dragic or Barbosa on Bayless.

Finally, I at last got to look at the BlazersEdge post dekko linked to in a comment (sorry I didn’t approve it earlier, dekko).  It’s good, and really helpful to see what happened to Amar’e.  But I read this:

Of course the ideal adjustment is for Phoenix to drastically increase the game’s tempo, getting out in transition more regularly and more purposefully.  These two Stoudemire dunks came in secondary transition.

See, I don’t know if the Suns are capable of increasing the tempo against PDX, and I think this is where I drastically underestimate the Blazers.  I think the Suns oughta just push that tempo, but we’re sixteen quarters into head-to-head, and it just ain’t happening.  The Blazers are in total control of the pace.  I need to spend a little time figuring out exactly HOW that happens, but that’s what’s happening.  So I guess they just need to go ahead and make those open threes, no matter when in the shot clock they take them (!).

If anybody’s around, I’ll be trying some quarterly updates tonight, so check in.  And I’ll be tweetin’ it up, too (@sun_n_gun).  Here’s to a good game!

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  • dekko

    Well and goodly into their tempo tonight. Higher energy, Batum on the bench and Hill on Miller has Richardson back in tempo on offense.
    Up 11 now.
    Good start for the home team.

  • http://sunngun.com nate dion

    Yeah. I feel like the Suns hate me. They’ll do something game after game after game…I write about it…the next game, they do something completely different. I say they can’t push the tempo…they promptly push the tempo. Bastards.

  • dekko

    It is the suns playing great D tonight too.
    Well the 3rd game likely will look like neither of these just to mess with us.

  • http://sunngun.com nate dion

    You’re exactly right. I don’t know how, but they’ll find a way to keep screwing with us.

  • dekko

    Ever hear of the “Alson Theory”? Alson is a lakers fan that has noted a trend. It will get tested Thursday. Basically the history in the playoffs if one team blows out the other by 20+ the following game the reverse happens or at least a solid win.

    I can hope anyway. =)

  • dekko

    Losing the game is not too bad, if they lost batum that really hurts. That is same the shoulder he had surgery on during training camp.

    I thought I was numb to the injuries…guess not, my gut hurts on that one…

  • http://sunngun.com nate dion

    I haven’t heard of Alson. I didn’t know a Lakers fan was capable of a theory. Most of their thoughts seem to be either “Look at me!”, “Duh…”, or “Dude, the Lakers are awesome and I don’t know why everybody hates them.” That’s interesting, though.

    That would be bad for the Blazers for sure. I think he’s the x-iest of x-factors. The hits just keep on comin’, I guess.

  • dekko

    There are knowledgeable fans on every team. Alson is a good historian of the game too. Larry Coon of CBA FAQ fame is a laker’s fan too. I have hung out on the lakers usenet group along with fans of a lot of teams for a decade.

    Alson’s theory does not always prove true but after watching it for over 10 years he it does on a majority. He has a couple of qualifications like does not really apply on 1-8 match-ups.

    Batum first report is shoulder strain or sprain but I think we will hear next he will have an MRI tomorrow.

    Of all the regular season missed games I think they missed Nic the most.

    • http://sunngun.com nate dion

      Yeah, I think they have the most to lose if Nic is the one who can’t go. He made Game 1 happen (and he surely wasn’t the only one) and getting him out early was massive for the Suns.

  • dekko

    A garbage time note that I find interesting… patty Mills is the first Indigenous Australian NBA player….dad is a Torres Strait Islander and his mother is an Aborigine from the Ynunga people.

    • http://sunngun.com nate dion

      Also: Patty Mills is super-awesome. All that garbage time and he only got 5 minutes? Come on, Nate!

  • dekko

    Patty tore up the D-league.

    Nic or no Nic thee suns were not being slowed down tonight.

    • http://sunngun.com nate dion

      Oh yeah, I love Patty. He was awesome at St. Mary’s.