Who will start for the Suns?

April 6, 2012; Denver, CO, USA; Phoenix Suns small forward Jared Dudley (3) and Phoenix Suns shooting guard Shannon Brown (26) walk off the court following the loss against the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center. The Nuggets defeated the Suns 105-99. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE

Throughout last season the Suns lacked quality wing scorers, but after this off-season their filled with weapons on the wing by adding a dynamic scorer in Michael Beasley, high flyer Wesley Johnson, signing swingman P.J Tucker, and resigning versatile combo guard Shannon Brown. Not to mention the Suns still have Jared Dudley. This leaves most of us wondering who of those five guys will get to start.


Jared Dudley had a solid season last year and will likely retain his starting spot at least to start the year. Dudley’s hustle and energy as well his ability to shoot the long ball will prove to be a value this year as it was the last. However Shannon Brown may be a threat to take J.D’s spot due to the success he had as the Suns starter last season averaging 16 points a game as a starter compared to Dudley’s 14.


Michael Beasley is easily the Suns’ best acquisition this off-season and the Suns’ definitely didn’t give him a 3 year 18M contract for him to come off the bench. Bottom line is that the battle for the final starting spot will be between Brown and Beasley. Dudley spent most of last season playing at the shooting guard spot and certainly he’s capable of playing there but his natural position is the small forward spot. Dudley also took over for Grant Hill at the small forward spot when Hill went down with an injury.


Beasley will need to impressive in training camp and pre-season in order to be a starter over Brown. Brown had already proven to be a solid starter and Beasley may still need time to get use to the Suns offensive system. Although I do expect Beasley to start for the Suns in the long run.


The Suns have a long season coming up and it’s definitely going to be a rough one. This will be the first time since the 2003-2004 season that the Suns starting point guard isn’t Steve Nash. As good as Goran Dragic is he’s not Nash. It’ll be interesting to see how competitive the Suns will be this year but this off-season they’ve certainly put themselves in a position to succeed in the near future with all the moves they’ve made. But if I had to guess I’d think the Suns bring Beasley off the bench to start the year but by the end of the year he’ll be the starter, I’d assume the Suns starting line-up to look like this to start the season:



Point Guard: Goran Dragic


Shooting Guard: Shannon Brown


Center: Marcin Gortat


Small Forward: Jared Dudley


Power Forward: Luis Scola

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  • AZFisher

    Nope. Gortat, Scola, Beez, Brown, Dragon. Beasley is the new face of the Suns… he will start for sure.

    • Matthew

      @8ba65e0c9652b1384f2785bbd52ad4d2:disqus I think he has tremendous potential and definitely the most talented player on the team. However it’s unlikely he starts over J.D.

      • jydstheman

        You must be the only one on the planet orange that thinks that a guy who has a 12in vert and below average everything in jyd will start over an all world talent like bees

        • Matthew

          Well, Dudley has been a better shooter than Beasley, and Dudley also had a better year than Beasley last season but we’ll see

  • junrielroa

    wow how could this writer get it wrong?
    Beasley would get burned playing the SG position, his height should bring him at PF, but unfortunately for him he’ll have to play SF because Scola is at best in PF right now. And Brown is not even a close to a threat of taking Dudley’s position. Don’t you forget that although stats says Brown scored more than Dudley, it also showed that the team suffered more as a whole whenever Brown came into the game. That’s because Brown slows everything down and make into a Shannon Brown show. No thanx!

    Which leads me to disagree with AZFisher. Dudley deserves to start. Not only can Dudley shoot, but he has leadership and an IQ to help guide Dragic. The tandem of Dragic & Dudley should be a younger yet a raw version of Nash & Hill. Plus Jared Dudley can also help facilitate Beasley in some scoring position. Besides, we have more scoring threat compared to last year’s. We don’t need Brown to come in show off for us risking a team win.

    Best starting Line-up: Gortat, Scola, Beasley, Dudley, Dragic

    • Matthew

      @c00935bab957c3acb5441a80f1e55d95:disqus I never said Beasley could play the two, Beasley is clearly a combo forward, I said DUDLEY could play the 2 as he has done pretty much the past season. I agree with you 100% that Dudley should start his leadership and IQ is very valuable right now

    • Matthew

      I said that Beasley and Brown would fight over the last starting spot because J.D can play both wing positions which allows the Suns’ flexibility line-up wise.

  • Fabian

    You guys and this writer are retarded! Beasley is starting at small forrward and brown and dudley battling for starting at the 2 guard.

    • Matthew

      @3280a57b63b3f4a4b812108740496e48:disqus everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no need to be rude. I agree with you that Beasley will start, just not right away.

  • Nick

    This makes the most sense…I mean really.

    Scola/Morris/P.J Tucker
    Gortat/Frye(rumored we are looking to trade or sign a true forward)

    Go big with the starting 5 using size to compete with some of the best teams in the NBA(difference is our bigs can run).

    Go smaller with the bench and just run the break on players who are not good enough to start.

    The good thing is if this doesn’t work out, there are sooo many options with these players who can all pretty much play multiple positions successfully.

    • Matthew

      @bad675885372fd847ba24889c0ccbb47:disqus If Wesley Johnson plays like the player he was in college I think he’ll definitely start, but he’s struggling to adapt to the NBA game right now and that’s hurting him. Jared Dudley is almost a lock to be a starter to START THE YEAR but whether or not he’s their permanent starter is a another question.

      • Nick

        In my opinion i fell like Jared just doesn’t have what it takes to start and keep it rolling. We need to take a gamble that Johnson just needed a change and a fast pace to get it done. This isn’t the time to hang on to what players did last year. We sucked last year, we need to accept the fact that there are HUGE changes to our roster and give these new cats a shot, otherwise we are no better if not worse than last year.

        • Matthew

          @bad675885372fd847ba24889c0ccbb47:disqus Dudley had a good year last year even though he only averaged about 14 a game, he shot great percentages from the field and from beyond the 3 point line. And losing Nash I think it’ll be shocking if the Suns were as good as they were last year.

          • Matthew

            @bad675885372fd847ba24889c0ccbb47:disqus Haha looks that way, appreciate your time for checking out my article though, and that’s right! GO SUNS!

  • Nick

    Oh yea and the fact that you think that Duds gets the start because of his leadership is silly. Dragic, Scola and Gortat have the leadership for the starters. Telfair, Duds and Frye will have the leadership for the bench…it has to level itself out. Think about it.

    • Matthew

      @bad675885372fd847ba24889c0ccbb47:disqus Nick I agree with you that Scola and Dragic has leadership skills but definitely not Gortat, he had a mental breakdown that led to him playing poorly during pivotal games down the stretch. However Dudley’s leadership is important in that he’s been with the team for the past 4 seasons, and he was a voice in the locker room even when Nash & Hill were there.

      • Nick

        well it looks like you and I won’t be seeing eye to eye Matthew, but as a fellow suns fan we will surely be hoping something big happens. GO SUNS

  • James

    Im sorry, this is one of the worst articles which has every been written. Whoever wrote this has no knowledge of basketball. Are you kidding me? Brown vs Beasley? Beasley will start WITHOUT A DOUBT.

    • Matthew

      @d1ba9f922ce317cedcc9d44126467e29:disqus I wrote the article and I’m sorry you feel this way but the fact is Brown has more experience playing with the Suns, he posted great numbers as a starter where as Beasley struggled last season posting career lows in almost every category. And I did state that Beasley will be the starter in the LONG RUN, just not right away.

      • James

        I still disagree (I think Beasley will start immediately) but I think I went way overboard in my previous comment. You do have some good points and I apologize for my harsh statements, they were uncalled for.

        • Matthew

          @d1ba9f922ce317cedcc9d44126467e29:disqus Don’t worry about it man everyone is entitled to their own opinions especially in sports. I think if Beasley has a strong showing in training camp he’ll get the starting nod, and appreciate you taking your time out to check out my article! Go Suns!

          • James

            The article is actually quite insightful … we differ in opinion, but it was wrong to question your knowledge as you put forth a valid argument. I’ll be reading your articles in the future man, keep working hard, and thanks for taking the high road with me!

          • Matthew

            @d1ba9f922ce317cedcc9d44126467e29:disqus Haha no problem man, appreciate the support!

  • Skyler

    Between brown and dudley i think brown will start but dudley will get more mins. brown had better production as a starter and dudley adds depth to our bench. makes most sense to me and by limiting browns time we limit his bad shot selection.
    Starters at first until year progresses and find out whose earned mins

    • Matthew

      @0bf9ccf7661eb1555468b8b81bb822ad:disqus Yes exactly! Brown was a much more productive as a starter than he was a bench guy, as a starter ALL of his stats went up even FG%. However I still think Jared will start to START the season but I think he’ll be coming off the bench towards the years end assuming no trades or injuries occur.

  • jmarion8

    I agree somewhat but just wanted to state my opinion. I’m not a huge suns fan but a big Michael Beasley fan which makes me like the suns now. I believe the suns rotation should be as such:
    Beasley(all star caliber season)/dudley
    My reasoning for moving johnson to the starting lineup over the other 2 options is simple. I feel as though he is the best perimeter defender of the bunch that i know of. not super familar with dudley ao correct me if im wrong. I think that is key with the starting lineup. Beasley is not the best defender and johnson can match up with many players. i also feel as though dragic is a score first guard and doesnt need a great shooter at the 2 man spot and you have beasley who is an all around scorer/isolation type similar to shannon brown and both of them together i feel could present problems with the offense. having dudles(shooting ability) and browns(chucking/ability) will benefit the pass first marshall more than having wesley johnson(who cant make a shot). If dudley is a solid defender which i doubt i guess you could start him as well. But i think that lineup presents offensive/defensive balance from 1st to 2nd unit. what you think?

    • Matthew

      @4f212b096c25bf6a768925f6e5f67d19:disqus Hey, man sorry I didn’t reply to you earlier, this comment system doesn’t notify me of new comments so I had to constantly check. But I think you have some valid points, I agree that Beasley can be the long term starter assuming he doesn’t have the crappy season like the one he just had where he only put up 11 a night on average. Beasley certainly has the ability to be a superstar but whether or not he can be mature and not let off court issues distract him and be his own worst enemy will be a different story. He has all the potential in the world but potential don’t mean a thing unless you make something out of it

      • jmarion8

        Yea I understand that. I think he will have a chip and I also believe he will make that leap because his press conference was the first I ever seen him truly not high. So I believe he may have really changed for the better.

        • Matthew

          @4f212b096c25bf6a768925f6e5f67d19:disqus Haha when 19 year olds are given 4 million dollars year in and year out there’s bound to be one guy that messes it up. I hope he makes a change for the better, it’ll benefit the Suns and himself.

  • oby20

    1st 5_ Dragic-Johnson-Beasly-Scola-Gortat
    Dudley will be the 6th man, he’s the energy hustle guy, players like him usually are better to come off the bench to score. There is no argument beasly will start over JD, talent and franchise player that you are talking about, not how well JD played last season. theres no way beasly will come off the bench in a team with less talented wing player.

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